"Don't get too close it's dark inside. It's were my demons hide, it's were my demons hide."

----Osore quoting the song Demons by Imagine Dragons

Osore (ドミグラ, Osore), usually referred to as Demon God Osore (魔神ドミグラ) after his ascension, is the main antagonist of Universe Survival Saga (DBFM) and God of Demon Realm of Universe 11. He is also the leader of Team Universe 11.

Biography Edit

Dragon Ball FM Edit

Universe Survival Saga Edit

He is the strongest being of Universe 11 and Team Universe 11 leader. His teammates and other fighter are scared of him except Frieza/Hit who challenges him. Osore then opens the gate of Hell in Universe 11 and throws Friezs/Hit in it. He later kills Super Buu after the latter eliminated one of the Team Universe 11 fighters. This is were he really starts fighting, he eliminates Natalia and Geoff from Universe 2, Otto and Mechagodzilla from Universe 3, Yamcha and Majuub from Universe 7. He then fights and almost kills Vegeta but is eliminated when Vegeta became Limit Breaker and was erased from existence along with his teammates and Universe 11 by Zen-oh.