Grell is the Grim Reaper of Universe 7, who is also sexually attached to Yamcha. He is the supporting protagonist of Dragon Ball FM.

Biography Edit

Dragon Ball FM Edit

Supervillain Yamcha Saga Edit

Grell is seen collecting souls of Vegeta, Tien and Krillin after they were killed by Yamcha.

Hell Gates Saga Edit

Grell was angry at how much work he has to do with all dead villains.

Universe Survival Saga Edit

Grell kills Mystogan so he doesn't not need to work a lot.

Conspiracy and Survival Saga Edit

Grell fights Saiko's angels and kills 20 of them with his Grim Law. Later he is defeated and almost erased from existence by Saiko. He lets Gohan to absorb him to defeat Saiko. Then he gets saved from the erasure by Zen-oh as Wolfy writes him off.